Carpet - A Wise Home Investment

There’s nothing quite like new carpet. It adds luxurious color, beauty, and comfort to your home. In the past twenty years, prices of so many other consumer durables have doubled, even tripled, and many consumers are skeptical of the value they receive.

Carpet prices have increased only marginally over the last twenty years and the quality has been so improved that today’s carpets bear little resemblance to those available twenty years ago.

Carpets today are truly a state of the art combining fashion and color with inherent characteristics to help your carpet look better longer. Combine the aesthetic and functional properties and you have one of the most outstanding values available to the consumer today.

  • Carpet absorbs sound, thus quieting your home.
  • The natural insulating properties of carpet can reduce heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Carpet is a built-in safety factor — it helps to prevent slips and cushions falls.
  • Carpet reduces “floor fatigue.”

Perhaps you’re finally buying or building that dream house; or, you’re ready to redecorate your present home. No matter the reason, carpet represents a major purchase. Like all smart shoppers, you want to get the best value for your investment and we want to help you do that. Before you begin talking to a carpet salesperson, it’s best to know something about carpet so you can ask the right questions, understand carpet labels, and compare products. You have so many options in terms of color, style, and price and a showroom full of samples can be quite confusing.